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So i can haz explain

2009-08-24 03:48:30 by Munzy

Hello everone who was thinking (wow this guy is a troll)...

I can explain all of them. NOT JUSTIFY, i deserve my ban, only explain...

There were three troll pics

1. This was made as a response to a user names Danthewoman, who is the most obvious troll i have ever seen on this website. he submits spam DD flashes, and troll topics ALL THE TIME. Everyone else seemed to be taking him srs, so i posted the pic to show him that i knew what he was.

2. This was made to a user questioning the troll pic. Just to be a complete asshole i posted it to him for the lulz... apparently, not everyone found it very lulzy :(

3. this one was deleted by holla, but i will tell u about it anyways. A user i see around NG often complaining about the definition of "troll" posted ANOTHER thread about it. I knew it was me he was getting his panties in a bundle about, so i said to myself, what the fuck, why not. Thinking it would be funny, i went ahead and posted it one last time. THEN ONLY THEN after i had irreversibly made my dumb ass attempt at wry ironic humor post, did i get the PM from holla telling me that if i did it again, i would be on the wrong end of the ban stick (his words, holla is always awesome, even when he is banning me for a week)..

Anyway i feel like an ass and i apologize. When i say that i am a troll i am usually joking. I am not lookin for a ban, fight, or even attention... It was my idea of a joke, and I am stupid for even thinking of it.

I am going to wait out my ban and hope that this won't affect negatively upon me forever when i get back...

This is honestly the worst thing i have ever done, only the 3rd time being banned, and the longest too.


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2009-08-24 08:38:11

No problem.


2009-08-27 22:36:08

I'm sure things will work out.